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The Leiden Defenders


Leiden rugby has embarked on a grassroot rugby revolution. For the first time in Leiden Rugby History. Iain Krysztofiak will be coaching both LRC DIOK and LSRG. 

His vision is to prepare Leiden Rugby for the professional era and create an environment where Leiden becomes a “rugby city”, a leader in Dutch and International competition.

To achieve this, the Leiden Defenders have been created. This team will be a combination of DIOK, LSRG & Dutch elite players, with a few ring-ins along the way.

Haec Libertatis Ergo!

All for the sake of freedom!



The primary role of the Leiden Defenders is to improve the quality of rugby in and around the city of Leiden. This will be achieved by exposing the players to superior international opposition.Players will subsequently have a clear development path. 

The team will play with flair and passion. Relieved from the pressure of normal competition, where players can express and play a free flowing game of rugby.

Leiden Defenders strives to contribute to the growth of the sport on a grassroots level whilst working with local community to capture the imagination, motivate spectators and raise the profile of rugby in Leiden and The Netherlands.



Driving and coaching the team is Iain Krysztofiak. He is actively involving other coaches & officials, both local and international.

Iain has been coaching for over 30 years, including the Dutch National Team, LSRC DIOK, London Division One and San Diego University Rugby.

Assisting Iain is Paul Walenkamp. Paul has played and contributed to the administration of LSRG for the past 12 years, and is President of the foundation, The Guardians of LSRG 1960 and director of Rugby World Directory.

Captain is Gareth Ellis (DIOK) supported by Ollie Smart (LSRG).